Broiled Striped Bass Fish Tacos

Yes, we’re still working our way through the fish caught from the fishing trip a month back. We’ve pan fried them, broiled them, miso glazed them, and used them in noodle soups. But after my trip to Pinche Taqueria a few weekends ago, I’ve been craving fish tacos again.

I’ve never made them before, but there was enough fish to experiment with. They’re actually quite easy to make. It just takes a little prep work beforehand with the condiments. For the fish, you want to use a white fish. Striped bass is a good choice, so is mahi mahi, which can be found in frozen fillet form in Trader Joe’s, or tilapia, also found at Trader Joe’s. The rest of the ingredients are relatively inexpensive, so the meal is quite affordable.

We were planning on eating these tacos for lunch since I had bought a whole chicken to be roasted for dinner. These tacos turned out so delicious that we ended up eating them again for dinner. I roasted the chicken the next day.


  1. Rinse the fillet under cold water and pat dry.
  2. Season both sides with salt and pepper.
  3. Drizzle olive oil on both sides.
  4. Broil 3 -4 minutes on each side.
  5. Mix together ingredients for the salsa.
  6. Mix together ingredients for the shredded cabbage.
  7. Heat the corn tortillas individually on a hot pan.
  8. Cover with foil to keep warm.

Cook’s Notes

I love tacos because they can be personalized. If you have space outdoors – grill the fish instead of broiling it. (They’re basically the same method – grilling is cooking over the flame from the bottom up and broiling is cooking with the flame from the top down. But since you can’t grill well indoors, broiling is the next best option.) The fish can also be pan fried, deep fried – however you like it!

The same is true for the condiments – they can be seasoned to fit your taste profile. If you want more acidity, add in more lime juice. If you want more hotness, add in more jalapeños. Also, keeping the seeds in the jalapeños will also increase the spice factor.

I like to prepare the condiments about 30 minutes before I start cooking the fish so that there is time for all the flavors to marinate together.

I also like the acidic flavor of the liquid in the salsa. I like to spoon the liquid onto one tortilla so that it soaks up the flavor. Then I place a fresh tortilla under it and them assemble the tacos.

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